How To Get the Perfect Faux Tan in Minutes

This is the perfect way to get a tan in minutes, without the UV rays! I’ve been using this product for years and it’s super simple. You can use it before a big event or just because! This comes in several shades and is available in drugstores, in Ulta and online!

My Key Application Tips:

  1. Don’t use this product when you are planning to wear white, it has rubbed off on my clothes in the past;
  2. Apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs right out of the shower when your skin is a bit damp;
  3. It’s easiest to without clothes on;
  4. Rub lotion on your knees, elbows and around ankles and wrists before applying;
  5. Spray on and rub it in really quickly, it dries fast!
  6. Enjoy your tan, mamas!

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs  – I use this on arms, legs, and chest, not just legs!

EO Botanical Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion, French Lavender:

How To Rock a Purple-Toned Eye, And Why You Should

Purple is back in this year, and it’s a great way to switch up from your everyday neutrals. You can rock it too! Check out my tutorial video to see how to achieve the look.

Products Used Include:

Soul Mate Cream Shadow with Concealer Brush

Noir Gel Liner…/juliepag…/item/superwear-gel-eyeliner

Lighten upper lid with Pink Bisque shadow with Large Shadow Brush…/julie…/item/matte-eye-shadow-pan-only

Crease color in Apricot with Blender Brush…/julie…/item/matte-eye-shadow-pan-only

Highlight under Brow Bone and inner corner of eyes with Sandy Peach…/juliepagemak…/item/shimmer-eye-shadow

Smudge mascara into the base of the eyes, I used XLXL mascara…/juliepage…/item/lush-mascara-in-black

Apply concealer with Sculpting Foundation…/juli…/item/sculpting-foundation-brush…/julie…/item/dual-action-eye-concealer