Beach Chic – A travel favorite that you can dress up or down!

Yes, yes, I know…it’s another black outfit. LOL, but this jumpsuit comes in five colors! It’s sooooo comfortable and super easy to dress down with a jean jacket and sandals, or dress up with some heels and fun jewelry! You can also choose to wear it off shoulder or straight on.

For all my mamas out there, you can easily dress this up for MNO (Mom’s Night Out) or wear it to ship the kids around from school to sports.

This is a new staple in my wardrobe for $27!!!!! High fives all around, am I right?!?

Cheers ladies, Spring is just around the corner and this will be a great additional to your style selections too!

Bienvenido a Miami – Your Must-Have Jump Suit for Spring Break for under $35

Rockin’ my not-so-mama gear

I’m prepping for a birthday getaway, but with both kids down with the flu last week, a trip to the mall was not in the cards. My new fave Amazon find is not something that I would wear every day, but you better believe I am going to rock this for my upcoming vacay to South Beach! I knew this one could go either way- I either try it on and run away screaming or I would feel like I was heading out to a red carpet affair with all the A-listers!

When I tried this jumpsuit on and did a little runway show at home, I was all about it!!! It’s a tad long, but nothing that a nice pair of wedges won’t fix. This jumpsuit is super comfortable, but perhaps the best thing is that it’s a little unexpected. I almost thought I didn’t have it in me to rock this, and then I thought, I’m going to feel like a superstar! Bring it on Miami, Mama J is coming to town!

Verdusa Women’s Sheer Mesh Overlay Sleeveless High Waist Tank Jumpsuit Black L

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Amazon For the Win! My new cute, comfy and stylish top for under $20!

Since starting school at Paul Mitchell The School Charlotte, I have to wear all black. And, much like my mom gear, I have to be able to move comfortably, wear it all day, and be OK when products get on it. All that said, I still want to look cute!

I have been on a few shopping adventures since I started school and it’s tough to find a black top that fits my strict criteria, but enter Amazon!

I found a top, ordered it and it arrived in less than 24 hours!!! MOM WIN!

I love it, it’s so comfy and looks super cute, and it comes in multiple colors. There is also a short sleeve version that I may double back for in the Spring!

Hello Amazon! You may be my next best store for clothing!

TEMOFON Women’s Cold Shoulder Tops Long Sleeve Casual Fashion Knot Twist Front Tunic Blouse T-Shirts Wine Red M

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How To Get the Perfect Faux Tan in Minutes

This is the perfect way to get a tan in minutes, without the UV rays! I’ve been using this product for years and it’s super simple. You can use it before a big event or just because! This comes in several shades and is available in drugstores, in Ulta and online!

My Key Application Tips:

  1. Don’t use this product when you are planning to wear white, it has rubbed off on my clothes in the past;
  2. Apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs right out of the shower when your skin is a bit damp;
  3. It’s easiest to without clothes on;
  4. Rub lotion on your knees, elbows and around ankles and wrists before applying;
  5. Spray on and rub it in really quickly, it dries fast!
  6. Enjoy your tan, mamas!

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs  – I use this on arms, legs, and chest, not just legs!

EO Botanical Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion, French Lavender:

How To Rock a Purple-Toned Eye, And Why You Should

Purple is back in this year, and it’s a great way to switch up from your everyday neutrals. You can rock it too! Check out my tutorial video to see how to achieve the look.

Products Used Include:

Soul Mate Cream Shadow with Concealer Brush

Noir Gel Liner…/juliepag…/item/superwear-gel-eyeliner

Lighten upper lid with Pink Bisque shadow with Large Shadow Brush…/julie…/item/matte-eye-shadow-pan-only

Crease color in Apricot with Blender Brush…/julie…/item/matte-eye-shadow-pan-only

Highlight under Brow Bone and inner corner of eyes with Sandy Peach…/juliepagemak…/item/shimmer-eye-shadow

Smudge mascara into the base of the eyes, I used XLXL mascara…/juliepage…/item/lush-mascara-in-black

Apply concealer with Sculpting Foundation…/juli…/item/sculpting-foundation-brush…/julie…/item/dual-action-eye-concealer

Overnight Hair, Prep In Only Five Minutes

Watch to find out how to get fun, textured hair in only 5 minutes. This is something that is so simple, you can do it at night!

Put that hair dryer away and rock that summer beach hair!

If you have fine hair, it might be best to use a mix of mousse and gel instead of the texture cream. It will give better hold.

Product listing:
Sexy Hair Style Slept in Texture Creme:

Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray:

Proclaim Super Stretch Rubber Bands:

For super fine hair, before braiding at night use the following:
Kenra Platinum Thickening Mousse

This One’s For You, Moms

I’ve been a makeup artist for 15 years.  As the founder of Julie Page Makeup, I have worked behind the scenes at top fashion shows, been a part of hundreds of weddings, and done makeup, hair and styling for politicos, journalists and celebrities before they appeared on the national news.

In all that experience, one theme stuck with me! All the moms that I have met over the years from all walks of life who want the same thing. They want to know how to wear makeup, how to style their hair and what to wear. I hear a resounding, “I just need something, and it needs to be quick and easy, but I have no idea where to start.”

Over the years, I worked with countless moms, through private lessons, group classes and personal shopping and I realized that my knowledge is a gift. When I see my clients weeks, months or even years after we worked together, they reference tips that they learned from me, and they were truly excited about it.

In a way, I feel like I empowered countless women to take a bit of their day back to treat themselves, to care for themselves, to look and feel good. And I think all moms deserve that because as moms, all too often we are focused on everyone else’s needs.

Is this only for moms?

No, of course not, if I can help empower anyone to look and feel good…I’m all about it! But the more I browse video tutorials, style channels and the web, I find the tips out there to be really complicated, drawn out and pricey!

There really is not much out there geared toward the motherhood lifestyle. If you aren’t a mom, but you are someone who wants to learn quick and easy style and beauty tips, by all means, join this tribe!

Have a beauty or style struggle?

Please be sure to share your woes! Leave comments here or on my social channels, I’m up for the challenge! I’m excited to build a supportive and fun community and to share my knowledge and test out some new ideas too!

Thanks for joining me on my journey! Now, let’s get G.L.A.M.

XOXO, Julie